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Menu - Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Menu - Restaurant in Tel Aviv



Patats braves
29/ 36 ₪
27 ₪
served with salsa, avocado, tahini
27 ₪
29 ₪
Chicken wings
37 ₪
panco coating ( 6 pcs)


"Shrim" Curry Coconut
46 ₪
our kosher Shrimp(surimi fish) stir- fried with coconut curry sauce
Stir fried Mushrooms
37 ₪
champignon mushrooms stir fried in wok, garlic, parsley, white wine
60 ₪
Two beef patties served in two buns with seared strips of goose breast, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cornichon plus patatas braves
Beef burrito
49 ₪
Tortilla filled with lamb and stir- fried vegetables
Chicken burrito
47 ₪
Tortilla filled with chicken breast and stir- fried vegetables
Salmon burrito
49 ₪
Tortilla filled with smoked salmon vegetables and guacamole
Vegetarian burrito
47 ₪
Tortilla filled with stir- fried vegetables and tofu
Kebab in tahini
48 ₪
3 kebabs on a bed of bread' guacamole and tahini
A plate of Sausages
54 ₪
four kinds of smoked meat along side guacamole and tahini, served with house bread
Liver Pate
48 ₪
Liver pate flavors include white wine and forest mushrooms served alongside house bread
Tartin Roast Beef
45 ₪
four toasted pieces of bread, Homemade tomato sauce, roast Beef
Tartin salmon
45 ₪
Four toasted pieces of bread, guacamole, smoked salmon, caviar
Tartin Vegetarian
40 ₪
four toasted pieces of bread, olives tapenade, grilled vegetables, tofu
Beef tagliata
72 ₪
premium entrecote steak strips


Chocolate souffle
36 ₪
cames with a vanilla ball
fruit sorbet
33 ₪
3 choice sorbet bakks( passion fruit, strawberry, lemon)
Fruit Pincho
42 ₪
fruit plate, served with chocolate syrup